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We are dedicated to making hundreds of prescription items and medications available at fartzpharma.com. The products we provide are sourced from internationally recognized, completely accredited pharmacies. We may offer you pricing that are frequently less expensive than those made available to you at your neighborhood pharmacy or drug shop since we source from a bigger global market. We guarantee the products you have purchased are strictly regulated and authorized for sale in that nation by only working with certified and licensed pharmacies. Compare our pricing to those offered by your present provider for a moment; you might be pleasantly surprised.

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When you request your prescription from your Healmeds, it will come to us instead of your usual so we can sort your medication into pouches


We sort your medication into pouches

We’ll sort and pouch your pills for each of your pill times – and it’s completely free


We deliver to your door for free

We deliver your medication to your door before it is needed


Because ordering medicine online doesn’t have to be complicated, but rather a catwalk. At Fartz Pharmacy, we ensure that. All you have to do is:
Browse our wide range of products
Add products to your cart and and complete payment. That easy!

Your Order will be on its way to you. Fartz Pharmacy is an online pharmacy for all your medication needs, be it regular or over the counter medications. We also offer a variety of products in the categories of personal care, baby care, health and nutrition, wellness and lifestyle. Come explore “everything under the sun” related to health at Fartz Pharmacy

Other benefits of ordering prescription drugs online
When you order medicine from Fartzpharma, you not only get your medicine on time and at your doorstep, but you also get other benefits. You can earn Fartzpharma Health Credits every time you order a prescription online and also when you buy other non-prescription products (applies to non-premium products, including those where a discount code is applied). You can use these Health Credits to make purchases on our platform. Not to mention the discounts and special offers we offer from time to time.

100% genuine medicine from Fartzpharma

All medicines/health products sold at Fartzpharma come from our sister company, Fartzpharma, which has a good reputation for selling only 100% genuine products. The products sold by Fartzpharma are carefully checked to ensure that only the best products are selected. We believe that when it comes to medicine, quality and honesty should not be compromised.

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